Peer-Reviewed Journals

In 2008, the FNSSC’s member societies are responsible for the publication of 18 peer-reviewed medical journals. Federation of National Specialty Societies of Canada believes the continued production of its members’ journals is vital as they are the most frequent and direct source of medical information for physicians, and have an immediate impact on health outcomes for Canadians. Furthermore, these journals inform the media, providing a source of Canadian health information and a perspective on our unique health care system. They also provide a venue for publication of research performed in Canada by Canadians, and play a major role in keeping researchers in this country.

The Federation of National Specialty Societies and The Canadian Association of Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals are urging the Department of Canadian Heritage to ensure that its present redesign of the Canada Magazine Fund and Publication Assistance Program includes support for Canadian peer-reviewed journals. This support is essential if Canadian peer-reviewed medical journals are to continue in their essential role of informing physicians, serving Canadian patients, and maintaining the Canadian identity of our country’s health care system.

For more information please read FNSSC’s Submission to the Department of Canadian Heritage and Appendices in response to the consultation on the redesign of the Canada Magazine Fund and the Publications Assistance Program, and regarding the eligibility of peer-reviewed medical journals for the proposed Canadian Periodicals Fund Periodical.

FNSSC Member Society Peer-Reviewed Journals

Organizations Publications

Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada

Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Canadian Dermatology Association

Journal of Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery

Canadian Geriatrics Society

Canadian Journal of Geriatrics

Canadian Neurological Society

The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

Canadian Neurosurgical Society

The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

Canadian Paediatric Society

Paediatrics & Child Health

Canadian Psychiatric Association

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology

Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

 Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery

Canadian Thoracic Society

Canadian Respiratory Journal

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Canada