Federation Structure

The Executive Committee shall comprise of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and two other CEO/EDs who will be elected by the FNSSC CEO/EDs and shall manage the FNSSC on a day-to-day basis.

The Board shall comprise of all of the FNSSC CEO/EDs and will holds the deciding power on all matters relating to the FNSSC. Each CEO is expected to contribute to the projects that the Board decides to undertake.

The Medical Advisory Committee shall be an ad hoc committee consisting of health professionals appointed by each member society from among its own Executive Committee/Board to be called upon as required to serve the interests of the members.

The Executive Committee shall meet as frequently as is required to further the interests of the FNSSC. The Executive Committee shall promptly keep the Board informed on all matters so that it can take all necessary actions in the interests of the members (national specialty societies). The duties of the Executive Committee will include calling the meetings and overseeing the finances and administration of the FNSSC. The Executive Committee shall oversee the initiatives that the FNSSC undertakes.

The Board shall meet in person or by teleconference at least six times a year to discuss emerging issues for the societies and proposed actions. The duties of the Board include the management of all issues and projects of interest to the members and the assignment of responsibilities for project management. Follow up on actions are decided collectively by the Board, and individual CEO/EDs will be responsible to drive specific projects.

The Board can decide to call upon the Medical Advisory Committee when and if deemed necessary to further the interests of the FNSSC.